Sunday, January 14, 2007

There is so much ignorant shit in this that I just can't motivate myself to wade in at this point. But really, none of it is anything new, nothing we haven't had to suffer through before. So, we'll just summarize: Bush, you are a stupid, arrogant asshole. Your brilliant plan to send more troops should fix everything right up over there.

And the notion that the Iraqis should be thanking us for this mess? One that they never asked us for to begin with? That would be a pretty stunning statement if we weren't accustomed to this kind of garbage. Just when you think people can't hate us anymore, we're reminded that there's plenty more in Bush's back of tricks that he can pull out to insult and condescend.

Another thing I will make special note of:

Bush, who has said he does not use e-mail, said he watched the video on the Internet, but turned away before the ousted dictator fell through the trap door of the gallows.

Give me a break. Who exactly are you again? What execution-happy state did you used to be governor of? You know Bush watched that whole video and he loved it. Lying piece of shit.