Friday, February 16, 2007

You know all those stupid assholes who show up here trying to find ways they can give themselves the hiccups? I'm sure this girl would be more than happy to trade places with any one of them. Having the hiccups for three weeks and counting would be a fucking nightmare.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I don't really have a reason to post this other than it just showed up as one of the "related articles" to an Onion page I was reading. Not that one ever needs an excuse to re-set one of the all-time great Onion articles.

I suppose I could make it topical by delving into the recent controversy stirred up by John Amaechi coming out of the closet or what Tim Hardaway had to say in response. Of course, I don't think we really need to have me go into how I feel since we all know how I feel when it comes to gays and dumbass homophobes. This sums things up pretty well for me, too. I would add that I'm glad Hardaway said that he "hates" gays, because, once again, I appreciate honesty and like knowing just how ignorant people really are. Yup, he's entitled to his opinion, even if he's stupid. There's just no logical reason to get bent out of shape over something that has no discernible impact on you whatsoever.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Way to get with last century's program, idiots. I know I'm all uppity and stuff because I'm educated and I learned things and shit, but sometimes people are wrong and the rest of us are right.

And Greg Lassey, a retired Wichita-area biology teacher, said the new standards undermine families by "discrediting parents who reject materialism and the ethics and morals it fosters."

Whatever, Wichitard. No, I did not come up with that on my own, but yes, I've been waiting for awhile to break that one off.
Alright, it's only been a few minutes of editing and less than a dozen posts, and I've already got going what has to be one of the more offensive sets of tags, ERRRRR, labels. Yeah, this isn't degenerating quickly.

Just to make this post slightly less useless, I'll reference my Valentine's post from a few years back since I will never be able to top that, nor will my feelings ever deviate from that. And of course, don't forget to check your balls.

Again, the day is nearly over, but that might be good for anyone reading late and in need of some re-sets or some newbies tomorrow with a V-day hangover.

yes, no, maybe, fud, notfud, itsatrap, securitytheater, thinkofthechildren

Even though Valentine's Day is nearly over, I thought it was still worth it to post a story about the pure love that is incest. Or lack thereof. Dunno about the study, sounds kinda flaky. Like did it take into account whether or not your sister is hot? Not saying that makes it better, but we understand. And you're at least gonna think about it even if you're not happy about it. Or maybe that's just me since I've got the hot stepsister thing going on so I don't have to feel as guilty for those thoughts.

Anyway... Found this line interesting, and by interesting I mean, maybe you should have phrased this better to get your point across:

Especially strong was the effect of watching one's mother care for a younger child. "They would be very altrustic towards that baby and they'd be grossed out at the idea of sex with that baby as an adult," Cosmides said.

At first I was like, I sure hope you'd be grossed out by the idea of sex with that baby, otherwise you've got more problems than I do.

If you're at all bothered by this post, save it. You should be happy I did it considering the fucking trouble I had to go through so that I could make it. What trouble? Where should I start.

First, I go to Blogger. Of course, where the fuck else am I gonna go, right? Anyway, I try to log in, and it's giving me some shit about switching to the new Blogger. And I'm like, fuck this, I don't wanna switch. Why not? Couple reasons. One, the last time Blogger went through a major change, I referred to it as "the worst thing ever." I even e-mailed Blogger and said as much, and I don't think I got so much as a form-letter reply. Fuckers.

But I was like, fine. I'll switch. Even though I've tried switching before but you complained that my 'blog was too big to transition over, even when you were out of beta. Now, though, when it's up to you and not me, yeah, I've gotta switch. Prick.

So fine, let's do this. I'm a, no, fuck it, I'm not going to finish that Dane Cook reference there because that guy's shit is played out and he's not funny anymore. Anyway, I decide to just get it over with. I get through step one of verifying my "old" Blogger identity. Why I needed to do that when I just did it six seconds prior I don't know. But I did it. And then I get to the page asking for a Google account. Great, I've got one of those. On the page there's a button on the right to create a Google account under "no", and... And a light blue box under "yes" with not a fucking thing in it. And I already know what's in there, it's something useful for the task at hand and neither Mozilla nor Firefox ever show useful things.

So, fuck. After fucking with about three different browsers I was just, like, forget it. I'm done. With blogging. Forever. We know that that means nothing, as evidenced by this post right here and my track record. I was just discouraged because I knew to get things set right I was gonna have to reboot into Windows and use IE (keeping in mind that I use an OS where shit doesn't work because that makes me cool, AKA a weenie).

But I sucked it up and I did it, and here I am. The new Blogger. Woo fucking hoo. At this point I haven't used it enough to figure out what I hate about it yet, but I'm sure I'll find some things. One thing I am stoked about, though, is tags. That was pretty much my only motivation to migrate when I had tried it before. Not like tags really contribute anything, as evidenced by tagging on Slashdot, but maybe it will keep me marginally amused for awhile.

Sorry, labels, not tags. And it automatically alphabetizes them for me (let the record stand that incest was the first tag applied to a post on this blog). Yeah, the new Blogger is already pissing me off.