Saturday, February 24, 2007

All Danforth ever wanted was a water slide

When Iraqis or soldiers out in the real Iraq hear about shit like this, they've gotta be pretty pissed. People are out there getting blown up regularly but the Green Zone is fucking awesome. Somewhere in the Green Zone you'll find two turntables and a microphone because apparently that place is where it's at. Shit, reading that I almost wanna go over there and work in the Green Zone. Until I have to start kissing ass and praising "the mission," then I'm out.

I also found this amusing:

The atmosphere was thick with sexual tension. At the bar, there were usually 10 men to every woman. With tours of duty that sometimes stretched to six months without a home leave, some with wedding rings began to refer to themselves as "operationally single."

That's pretty solid.