Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm not certain if this is an endorsement or not

So when I first saw that Nader is in... Again... I was like, dude, what are you doing?

No, not because I blame him for the outcome of the 2000 election. Sure, when you look at the numbers, if Nader hadn't been in the race Gore probably would have won. But I still don't blame Nader. Shit, ultimately I don't even blame those d-bags on the Supreme Court. You know who I do blame for 2000? Gore. Let's look a what Gore had going for him:
  1. Pretty smart and pretty well respected
  2. A part of the Clinton Administration, which was fairly popular and left the country with eight years of no wars and a healthy economy
  3. An opponent who was a complete retard
The 2000 election never should have been close to begin with. Anyone who can fuck up with that set-up doesn't deserve to be president. Unfortunately someone even less deserving won.

So yeah, when I saw Nader getting into the mix I wasn't pissed because of that. My first thoughts were, why are you wasting every one's time with this? You're not helping matters and I don't think you're really making a statement other than "I want to be President." Stop that.

But then I got a load of some of his rhetoric:

In an interview with CNN on Monday, Nader accused Illinois Sen. Barack Obama of name-calling and challenged him to "address the issues."

"Above all, explain why you don't come down hard on the economic crimes against minorities in city ghettos: payday loans, predatory lending, rent-to-own rackets, landlord abuses, lead contamination, asbestos," Nader said.

"There's an unseemly silence by you, Barack -- a community organizer in poor areas in Chicago many years ago -- on this issue," he said.

Oh, hell yeah. FUCK YOU Barack Obama! And I quote Nicholas Cage from The Rock: How do you like how that shit works?

Nader called Sen. Hillary Clinton the Democrat "most loved by big business," referencing a Fortune magazine article from last year.

Suck on that bitch! Ralph Nader is here now and he isn't taking any of your shit.

"The Democrats ought to look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves why they have not been able to landslide the worst Republican Party and the White House and Congress over the last 20 years," he said.

Yes. I agree with that statement. Democrats: stop your fucking whining. It is not Nader's fault that you are unable to get your shit together. Ralph Nader and I don't want to keep hearing this garbage from you.

Ralph Nader just got on the scene and he's already firing on all cylinders. Look out, 'cause the man is unsafe at any speed!

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