Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yeah, so of course Biden is just Chief Cheerleader for Obama now. But Biden's still good people; the kid's got spunk. And he's got some good-looking girls in his family too. When I go to the polls this November, which I won't, he's got my vote. I'm not sold on Obama at this point (moreso than McCain, though... he's the original maverick if you need him) but I'm still down with Joey.

No matter what, like most if not all people in the party, Biden can't hold a candle to Bill Clinton. I didn't have to go any further to see evidence of this than having to go to three news sites before I could find Biden's full speech while I was able to find Clinton's immediately.

Politically speaking Clinton hasn't done shit for the last eight years and he's still The Man. As expected, the partygoers at the Circlejerk went nuts for him. Now, I'm a well established fan of Clinton's style. The man has an unnatural talent for smoothness that just works. But shit, in the eyes of Democrats the man walks on water and can do no wrong. The guy wasn't quite himself during the campaign, but he was up to form tonight. Can you just imagine what a frenzy it would be if he could run for another four years?

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