Friday, April 11, 2008

Okay so apparently this blog has become nothing more than a vehicle to announce to 30 or some odd pedos who show up here via Google each day new webcomics I've discovered. I guess that is a step up from usual topics, though.

Anyway, the new discovery is Treading Ground. There are only like 70 comics or so, and the guy's been doing the comic since like '03, and reading his news posts he's really not into the comic, so no telling when or if updates will show up. Fucking figures.

Speaking of those 30 pedos who show up here via Google each day, WTF is up with my traffic numbers? I punted on this blog in February of last year and started things back up in early November. Take a look at the trend. Hmmm, what exactly is the world telling me? Man fuck this place.

While we're on the subject, I don't suppose one of you 30 pedos knows how to draw, do you? I've had a webcomic idea rolling around in my head for like at least four if not five years but I've never really gone anywhere with it 'cause I'm just too lazy to learn to draw. I've been thinking about it lately and doing a bit of work on it but I'm guessing it will go nowhere. While I can't draw I can write like a mother fuck so I need to find a Gabe to my Tycho. If I could just find someone who can draw cute female characters I'd be set. I would think at least one pedo out there could handle this if they weren't busy handling other shit.