Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm really not sure what to think about this. On one hand, I'm about to get pissed, 'cause that's just fucking stupid. On the other hand, I haven't cared about Kombat for like a decade since the series has pretty much sucked since going 3-D, so why would I get worked up over this?

This just seems like such a dumbass idea, but what the fuck do I know. I mean, look at how successful Kingdom Hearts was. Seriously though, Disney + Final Fnatasy = Stupid. That's what I fucking know. And I know this, because Tyler knows this.

Just take a look at that picture. A stare-down between Sub-Zero and Batman.


And I'm sure they are gonna be pussing out in some way or other when it comes to fatalities even if they aren't getting rid of them. If that ends up being the case, then Shortpacked! has already gotten that covered.

What makes Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat is magical moves

What, you mean like four low kicks as a freaking combo? Actually that was pretty awesome, if for no other reason the sheer balls of including that. Man, I wish my N64 wasn't fucked up, 'cause I'd love to bust out some Trilogy right now.

More or less just for ETP's sake I'm going to reference this post, which sweet fucking Christ is nearly four years old. Looking back I think the most amusing thing in there is that, DOA games aside, I never got a single fucking one of those games mentioned.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Yup, all I do is blog about webcomics here. Another new one: A Softer World. Sometimes weird, sometimes sad, sometimes thoughtful, oftentimes funny. They're really not a fan of boundaries, either. Be sure to mouse over each comic to get that little pop-up text; half the time the best joke is in that text. A sampling:

Having fun
Asking for it
Super powers
Onion-esque picture choices
Mr. Z
Positive thinking
Making your mark
Smooth operator

And my favorite:

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cracked list: 9 Devices That Are Clearly Compensating for a Small Penis.

That led me to another list, Liberal Guilt Justified: 6 Creepy Mail Order Bride Websites.

That further led me to spend too much time perusing ads on I refuse to believe that that many good-looking girls are having that much trouble finding a guy or getting out of their country or whatever. But maybe. Either way the whole mail-order-bride thing isn't off the table.

I at least need to mention that the site is based in Bangor, Maine.

Another reason I'm not buying into that site, even if it's as reputable as they're likely to get (which isn't saying much), is 'cause it seemed like there were about five different names that all of them had. Natalia, Anastasia, Irina, Elena, Ekaterina... All really lovely names but surely girls are given a wider variety of names over there. Like usual I'm probably exaggerating but it seemed that way at one point.

Another name that popped up a lot was Olga, a name I've never been a fan of. Then I saw an Olga who was really cute but as I'm looking at her profile "Olie the Goalie" popped into my head and it was over.
My life is sad. I've made a serious effort to stay away from chat rooms for a whole week now. Every night or other time I'm alone I'm like "what the fuck am I gonna do?" Luckily there is the rest of the internet and usually you can find something pointless to kill inordinate amounts of time.

I killed most of yesterday reading mental_floss. If you read that site regularly you will become awesome at Trivial Pursuit. If you are already awesome at Trivial Pursuit you will become awesomer.

One tangent I got off on for quite awhile was thanks to this article on a Library of Congress collection of color photos from the late 30s and early 40s. You can find all 1600 or so of them here.

Today I have sucked up a bunch of time plowing through the archives of The Book of Biff. I've linked this comic before but it's worth doing again.
So one new trend that infuriates me is Twitter, where you post short little blurbs about what you are doing at the moment for others to follow. The only solid use I can see for this is people who are so fucking self important that they think that others actually give a flying fuck as to what they're doing at any point in time.

I think the first place I saw Twitter used was over at Megatokyo. He started using Twitter and a log of his most recent completed updates whereas he used to have a progress indicator that gave an ETA for when the next comic would be finished. Funny how that was useful and Twitter isn't.

Only an asshole would use Twitter. So in case it's not obvious, I'm using Twitter now.