Sunday, September 14, 2008

If you're wondering what the hell that loud bang was that you just heard, it was the sound of the hypocrisy barrier being broken.
This is just sad. To me, at least at this point, Biden is the only one giving either campaign any real legitimacy. The way I look at it, regardless of who wins in November, they're going to die in office. Or at least, there's a good chance of it. Either McCain will just succumb to something or other 'cause he's old, or Obama will get shot. So unlike most years (not counting the last two with Cheney, the real president), the VP spot actually matters.

So let's forget about the two candidates who really haven't done anything other than having somewhat dark skin or a vagina. Since you sound like you're falling on the side of "experience is good," BLM, then why is Biden legit and McCain isn't? Well, for starters, I can tell you why McCain has no cred:

I should be able to easily keep this under a thousand words, but that picture really does speak volumes. It's my favorite picture of McCain because it shows what a "Mavrick" he truly is. Just look at the body language and it tells you all you need to know. That weak-ass hug from McCain. Bush barely even knows he's there. As I've said about a billion times, after the 2000 election no one had more right to tell Bush to kiss his fucking ass than McCain did. But what did he do? Well, he got his nose covered in Bush's shit at just about every opportunity and went on and voted with Bush 90% of the time.

As an aside, you know, I was wondering where that 90% figure was being pulled from. I was like, it's gotta be some kinda distortion, especially since the statement sounds kinda dumb since you can't really vote "with" the President since he's not a member of Congress (but yeah yeah we know what they mean). Then I saw a clip the other day, and you know where it came from? From McCain's own fucking mouth! Even though The Mavrick has done a balls-out job of trying to sell himself as some kind of independent he sure is eager to let people know he typically just goes with the crowd. May as well since, you know, that's exactly what he does.

So anyway, what the fuck was I talking about? Oh yeah, why I'm down with Biden.

Biden ambled back to talk with the press corps a few times a week. And these were not sound bites -- at one point, the notoriously talkative senator gave a 13-minute, 20-second response to a reporter's question on the situation in Iraq.

Can someone please explain to me why this is always talked about in a detrimental way? Why is it so bad that the guy gives, you know, thoughtful answers to questions? Sure, there are times when you've gotta keep it brief, but I've heard Biden talk before. From what I've heard he's not just a typical blowhard who merely loves the sound of his own voice. "Insider" or not, Biden's a smart guy. Sure, of course I think he's smart since he's said a lot of stuff I agree with in the past. But what the fuck am I supposed to do? Choose the guy who I think is a dipshit? Jesus. At any rate, god forbid we should be dealing with someone who actually takes the time to think about shit beyond the party's talking points, which is what discourse in politics has been reduced to in this country.

But of course none of that matters since now we have a fuckable candidate on the trail. And yes, of course I've been guilty of promoting this superficial train of thought, but I'm nobody. I'm not even going to vote for chrissakes, but a lot of these idiots are.

For another quick aside, how sad is this picture:

Yeah honey, you just wait for that awesome McCain/Palin future. I know, I know, leave the kid alone; she doesn't know any better. She's gotta learn at some point, and if McCain wins, she will. Sure, not that Obama/Biden are gonna fix everything and make it all pretty-like, but really, are McCain and Palin gonna seriously improve shit for women? Why, just 'cause Palin's a woman?

Of course, a lot of stupid people are gonna think like that since she talks tough and has the aforementioned V-cred, but at least not everyone's buying it. Just one more since Sarah Fever is upon us; here's an article that was initially infuriating me until I realized I wasn't getting the joke.
If you've been paying more attention than me, which is entirely possibly since I'm both lazy and also very sick of all this shit (until the time to have superficial conversations about candidate aesthetics arrives, of course), you may already be familiar with Actually, the site has been around for a couple years now. Regardless, this site seems pretty awesome, going after the bullshit from both sides. For instance, how about some of those wonderful ads out there? Or how about all of the rumors going around about Palin's past? How about the claims flying around about the magnitude of energy currently coming from Seward's Folly? This is a bad-ass site.

I'm embarrassed that it has taken me this long to check this site out, but either way I think I'm already in love with it.
This is fucking stupid. Phony outrage, indeed.

Not that I give a fuck about what celebrities have to say about politics, but now we know one thing: Sarah Palin will not be fucking Matt Damon.
As usual, only The Onion can come up with stuff like this.
In case if you'd forgotten, when I'm not linking image macro sites, I'm linking webcomics. I just discovered another great one at Comic Blashpemy Dot Com. This guy has absolutely no taboos whatsoever, and it is awesome.