Friday, January 02, 2009

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Well, at least Blagojevich's pick to replace Obama is modest. I don't understand this shit at all. Two things:
  1. Blagojevich has to be either the most arrogant motherfucker ever, or the most ignorant. Or both. I mean, to be as blatant as he was about the shit he was up to, in Illinois of all places, and even after getting caught continually acting like nothing is going on? And then there's the fact that pretty much everyone who has a say in it is swearing up and down to do what they can to shoot this nomination down? WTF?
  2. Why would anyone accept this nomination? You'd hafta be as willfully ignorant as Blagojevich to not realize that people are forever gonna question your integrity after being his pick. This nomination has more taint than the space between my nutsack and asshole.
This is basically me, once I am also in hell.