Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Welcome back

So, a couple days ago I logged in because I was actually gonna make a post. And when I attempted to do so, I saw that my blog had been locked from posting -- because it had been flagged as a potential spam blog. Blogger apparently has an automated tool that scans blogs and tries to find ones that are spam. And I was like, oh really.

I don't really get this. Sure, I'm impotent in so many ways, but it's not like I talk about Viagra or other fake dick meds or anything all the time. I'm not trying to pull off any Nigerian bank scams. So WTF? If it had been a shitty blog detector, then yeah, OK. You got me. But spam? Dude.

Anyway, once I submitted the request for review, it got unlocked pretty quick. I guess I'm lucky they didn't just say, dude, we're killing your blog anyway, 'cause it sucks. So it the end, a minor annoyance, and all around it was retarded.

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