Saturday, January 10, 2009

Okay this is still pretty funny but I like our version better.
Holy crap this is fucking awesome.
Okay, two things before we get on with this post:
  1. The follwing link is not NSFW. Wait, I have serious trouble with double negatives. Let me rephrase. The follwing link is NSFW. I worry that someone out there doesn't know what NSFW means and will lose their job for clicking my link and then come and kill me so I will clarify: the following link is not safe for work, or you know what fuck you if you don't know what NSFW means by now you deserve to be fired anyway.
  2. This is probably just for the guys, or at very least, people close in age to me.
Anyway, please tell me in the comments, so I can see if you think like I do (in other words, if you are fucked up like me): what pisses you off about this?
I'm telling you, man, Burris has the smile.