Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You know what I'm talking about

Hey, how's it going? So I checked in here tonight and I saw that I haven't posted in over three months. How has the world survived?

So Haloscan, the commenting system I was using, went titsup several months back. They got picked up by some other service that wants money. So, fuck them, and fuck me, because I haven't yet bothered to really figure out how to just get my custom template to properly display Blogger comments. Anyway that's what's up on that front. Nobody cares.

Hey, some quick trivia: "Cradle of Love" by Billy Idol is the most awesomest song ever that is rendered completely lame whenever not found in video form. Yes, on its own the song is great -- but then you think, damn, why am I not watching the video.

OK so anyway tonight I was going through a bunch of whiny-ass posts where I was all maudlin about this girl who for some reason I still have a thing for even though she's been a fucking bitch to me. I've got a buncha posts related to that saga-slash-non-saga that I either A) never released into the wild or B) released and then pulled (out) because they were weak. Totally unrelated to that I was reminded of this: Mormons Exposed.

Ok so I originally linked it here. When I originally found that link it was just the calendar of hot Mormon meat. But now... "Hot Mormon Muffins... A Taste of Motherhood."

Wow, seriously? That is an impressive level of cheap innuendo. This is coming (cumming?) from a Grandmaster (bater?), nonetheless. And at the same time, just so, so sad.

The best part, though? Once I saw the "muffins" calendar, my first thought was: do they all have those teeth?