Sunday, April 03, 2011


Detroit: where the weak are killed and eaten. I think I might go to this out of morbid curiosity if I could get tickets for, like, ten bucks. Right now tickets are ranging from $50 to $575 (the latter for meet-and-greet with a raging cokehead) on TicketShitter so that's no good. But maybe closer to gametime we can find a deal.

I don't really see what the point of this is. Well, besides for Charlie to make some new coke money. That's what they should call the show -- Charlie's Coke Money. Shit, he should be going on tour with Scott Weiland. Or is that dude in jail?

"I want to be a part of history," Sheen fan Jeff Rezek told CNN as he stood in front of the theater trying to hock the second ticket neither his wife nor his son would take. "I missed Woodstock and I wanted to be here."

Jesus dude, what the fuck are you on? Charlie will probably want a hit of that shit.

Anyway, this whole Sheen thing was funny for about ten minutes. Whoah, is this dude really fucked up? Or just a genius? Is it real or an act? Tiger blood, holy shit! I really don't care anymore. Actually, I didn't really care to begin with, even if some of it was kinda funny for, well, again about ten minutes. So at this juncture the experiment in performance art/wallet rape is just forced and sad. I know, I know, my real problem is...

"Trolls need not apply," Sheen said. "You all suffer from 'Sheen-is' envy."

OK, I gotta admit, that is really fucking funny.