Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Welcome... To zombocom.

Holy fuck. I've only posted once this year? Oh well; probably no one is reading this crap, anyway. Almost no one. You know what I find hilarious about this? No not this 'blog; I mean this. Someone has been paying actual money to maintain that domain for at least six or seven years now.


Anonymous said...

You know what I find hilarious? I found this blog by typing "fuck everything" into a web search after a couple of angry bitter beers. Keep writing. F who reads it. I'm toying with starting a blog about crazy bitches and sociopaths in government. I don't anticipate anyone reading my shit either, but maybe some half-buzzed asshole will stumble across my blog and kind of relate too someday.

Anonymous said...

I found this by Googling "fuck everything" too. But I'm leaving now because fuck this blog and fuck everything else, too.

Anonymous said...

All women are fucking sluts and whores fuck them and fuck the damn system telling us to waste our lives consuming everything they offer us like its the damn key to a happy existence. Fuck the status quo and the appearances war. Fuck everything.