Monday, February 10, 2014

Speaking of you going and eating shit

You know what sport is awesome? Curling. I'm not even fucking joking. It's all strategy and physics. A couple Olympics back, the captain of like the Swedish team was a math whiz who could solve a Rubik's cube in 27 seconds. When I, as an engineer, see that that dude is a fucking Olympian, I'm like, hell yeah, this sport is awesome. But even without that guy curling kicks ass.

"But it's all weird with the sweeping and HLURRR HLURRRR HLURRRRR."

Whatever, shut the fuck up. Curling rules.
Holy fuck. I haven't posted in almost a year and a half? Oh well, probably no one is... Anyway. I think about posting on this piece of shit from time to time, but then I'm like, fuck it. I can go be mostly ignored on Twitter with a lot less effort. So yeah, a lot of it is just laziness. But also I'm like, who fucking cares? Nobody gives a shit about my views on religion or politics. Hell, I barely give a shit about my opinions on anything.

But yeah I think I'm mostly lazy. I'll form an opinion and spout off at the mouth (virtual or otherwise), and I know I'm ill-informed and probably full of shit. And to become informed and not full of shit, well, that's gonna take more effort than I care to put in. So yeah, lazy.

But I do enjoy writing. And despite all my crippling self-doubt, I actually do think I'm a good writer. Even if I unflinchingly start multiple sentences in one post with "but" and "and." I write the way that I talk which is all the way I think. So go eat shit asshole.

Alright, we'll see if I do anything with this or not. Mount up.