Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Here's a roundup of the latest.

So where the fuck is Saddam? At this point, with him giving speeches through other members of his government and not having appeared on TV giving conclusive evidence that he's alive and well, you gotta wonder. From our government's standpoint, they must actually be hoping that he is still alive. It definitely would't look good if he were dead and we're still facing all this resistance, since they have made it seem like so many are loyal to Saddamn just because they're afraid of him.

Well, no. Like usual, they try and oversimplify and overgeneralize things. There are way too many other people in Saddam's government with a big stake in this to make winning as easy as removing Saddam.

Meanwhile, there's this awful story. It's really pretty disgusting to see us fuck up like this, and then our military commanders blame the Iraqi regime for it. Again, no. If we hadn't started this shit to begin with, things like this wouldn't be happening. Yeah, yeah, you can argue that if Saddam hadn't done X and Y, or they hadn't resorted to guerilla tactics, or whatever, this wouldn't have happened. No matter what, to blame anyone else is a bullshit cop out. If you fuck up, just admit it.

Look, I understand that the troops are on edge, both from general combat and specific things like the recent suicide bombing, and that played a huge role in causing this. But for the commanders to just try and reflect responsibility is unconscionable.

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