Thursday, May 29, 2003

This seems to be a side issue that pops up from time to time. You know, this is fucking food we're talking about here. Don't European countries have the right to test this shit out before they accept it? We have no idea if there are long-term deleterious effects caused by the consumption of genetically modified foods. Of course, we may have an idea some day, since a good deal of food consumed here is genetically modified, as arrogantly pointed out by the Standard. I'll bet a lot of people aren't even aware of this fact.

The jury is still out on the issue, and there's nothing wrong with being cautious. There are lots of questions - some of which are outlined here in a somewhat old but no doubt still relevant Chicago Tribune article. Like usual, though, we try and cram shit down the rest of the world's throats, and expect for them to just take it. Then when they don't, whiny American pussies throw a tantrum.

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