Tuesday, July 29, 2003

So this is pretty fucked up. But you know, in an evil way, this may have been useful. Think about it - who's more obsessive than gamblers? I think that alone could have made this a decent tool. Also, in a screwed up way, the fact that they're coming up with ideas like this gives me some hope. After all, there's really no way that we can predict this shit. I'm sorry, but if terrorists really want to do shit, they probably will. I think the Defense Department realizes this. Yeah, it's kinda scary if they're punting on things, but I do like to see realistic attitudes. And you know, why not just bet it on a fucking horse?

In the end, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but Daschle and Dorgan make intelligent arguments against this system. I can easily see how this would encourage terrorist acts. Bet on the assasination of a leader... Then go assasinate the leader. Also, this would just piss other countries off. Of course, we don't really care who we piss off, so while that's a valid argument from where I stand, that kind of logic fails our government.

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