Monday, December 29, 2003

We tend to frown upon militaristic nations. Pre-WWII Japan is one country we tag as such. So it's kind of a shock to hear your own country referred to as being militaristic. It's a shock not because it's outrageous and unfounded, but because there is a lot of merit to the claim.

Also, am I the only one pissed at Time for making the American soldier "Person of the Year"? No, it's not because I'm knocking the troops - regardless of how I feel about the Iraq war, even I have to hand it to people who are volunteering to do that stuff. No, I'm pissed just because I see it as nothing but pandering, and I am especially fucking tired of people pandering to the troops. "I support our troops!" We ALL support our troops, you fucking dumbasses, even if we don't support their mission. Yes, that sounds like dissonance, but it isn't. Anyway, you're not special just because you support the troops, so shut the fuck up already.

Time is really making a hobby out of pandering. This became evident two years ago when they named Rudy Giuliani "Person of the Year." Sorry, but as was pointed out by others, Osama bin Laden was the person of the year in 2001.

If you think giving that award to a terrorist is an insane idea, keep in mind that Hitler and Stalin were both awarded Time's "Man of the Year" back in their day. Time was merely acknowledging that these men had a bigger impact on world events than anyone else - they weren't signing on as members of the SS or turning into card-carrying pinkos. Acknowledging that someone shaped the face of that year unlike all others isn't necessarily celebrating what that person has done, it's just acknowledging the truth of the matter. I thought that was the point of the award, and not to kiss ass with America and show simple-minded Americans what they want to see.

Like it needs to be said, and like it hasn't been said before: fuck our media.

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