Saturday, January 17, 2004

Okay, for those who A) haven't already noticed and B) care, comments are back up and running. Let me know if there are any problems (with the commenter, not the site content - nothing we can do there), because that most likely means I fucked something up. A quick test shows that things are OK, though.

A big thanks goes out to the people at HaloScan for not only taking on the band of misfits that is former BlogSpeak users, but for doing so in a manner that allowed us to preserve our old comments. Also, thanks to Harry, the former BlogSpeak admin. It's a shame that guy was doing all this on a volunteer/donation basis, only to have to deal with a bunch of shit from his hosting service which lead to him shutting BlogSpeak down.

The transition to HaloScan was pretty easy, at least as far as Fe was concerned. I haven't hooked the sailor schoolgirl 'blog up just yet, but that's kinda low priority since no one comments there anyway. HaloScan is looking pretty good thus far. One feature that's really nice is that the list of comments will show not only the comments themselves, but also what post they're associated with. That was one thing BlogSpeak didn't have, and it was a pain in the ass when someone commented on an older post and I couldn't figure out what post it was just based on what the commenter said.

The only thing basic HaloScan doesn't have is e-mail notification of new comments. I can get that feature if I donate $10, though, which is something I might do. Despite my tendency to be frugal an asshole, I will definitely get good use out of that ten bucks, and it seems like a reasonable thing to do since HaloScan looks like it's run by two guys now, as opposed to one back at BlogSpeak. I was willing to front some money to help that one out, so at least there's a precedent in place to keep me from feeling like a total faceless consumer whore. Ignoring the fact that, well, that's exactly what I am.

So, yeah, have fun with the revitalized comments, Fuckheads. Try not to be lame, ignoring the fact that the site itself is indeed lame.

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