Sunday, February 22, 2004

I like this Newsom guy

Yeah, Arnold clearly hasn't thought about running for president at all. Just a quick tip, Arnold: when you're trying to make the case for allowing those who were born outside this country to become president, bringing up Henry Kissinger may not be the best way to go.

Also, a belated "fuck you" to the Dumbfuck-inator on the gay marriage issue, and mad props once again to San Francisco. Arnold, this move isn't setting a bad precedent - we're already LIVING under the bad precedent. It's about time some activist mayors in addition to others are finally standing up to this stupid bullshit that prevents gays from getting married.

I find it kinda odd that people like Barney Frank are speaking out against this. I guess I can see the arguments that they're just giving Bush ammunition, ammunition which he can use effectively since this country is so fucking ignorant and there are so many people, D and R alike, who are against gay marriage. The thing is, it doesn't matter, since Bush is already going to use this issue to divide, whether or not San Francisco continues issuing marriage licenses.

This kind of thing has to be done, if for no reason to continue setting good precedents. The more people who show some stones and start speaking out for gay marriage, not just with words, but with actions, Meatwad, the better chance we have of it catching fire and spreading. And yes, I suppose I'm not being very practical since I'm on the "defeat Bush at all costs" warpath. Still, I'm so pissed about this issue that I can't help but root for what San Fran is doing, win or lose.

Also linked off that last CNN article is an interactive on state laws with regards to gay marriage. It's just disgusting and wholly embarassing to see the vast majority of states banning same-sex unions. I hate this fuckin' place.

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