Tuesday, February 24, 2004

It's just not even funny how much I hate Dubya. Hey, remember how neat institutionalized racism was? We should do something like that again. And it's appropriate, seeing as how homophobia is the new racism. Which is sad, seeing as how the old racism - you know, racism - is still all too prevalent.

Look, I know that an amendment is a longshot. It's a safe ploy for Bush to back an amendment, seeing as how it pleases his base and pleases his ignorant Christian sensibilities, but I repeat myself. While it keeps everyone happy, it remains a safe play seeing as how it's never going to turn into anything real, which of course means little or no work beyond rhetoric. It tastes great, and it's less filling!

Fuck you, George W. Bush, and fuck you, mainstream America. Because we all know how complicit the rest of this ignorant country is in bullshit matters like this. If you're so worried about marriage, why not start doing some work to combat the things that are actually threatening marriage? Like, I dunno, the high divorce rate? Or stupid fucking kids getting married when they're 12?

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