Monday, May 31, 2004

Fuck the Sears Tower

I have a vendetta against that building. I'm not going to fly a plane into it or anything, but I'm still pissed at it. Why? Why else? Because of something stupid.

When I was in Chicago about a year and a half ago, we wanted to hit the observation deck at the Sears Tower. I know - fucking tourists. I hate those people. Anyway, it's fairly late at night, but not that late. We get there, only to find out that it's closed. What the fuck? I hate shit that's closed, especially at night. No thanks to the asshole cab driver who didn't tell us that it wasn't open. C'mon, he fucking works in that town, he should know.

Anyway, that's why I hate the Sears Tower. The Hancock building, on the other hand - that's where it's at. We hit the Signature Lounge on Saturday night. It's on the 95th or 96th floor, offers a gorgeous view of the city, and is a perfect place for getting hammered.

That's pretty much it. Just an excuse to say "eff you" to the Sears Tower, and to give a shoutout to The 'Cock, who is my friend.

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