Wednesday, July 14, 2004

You know, I expected to be way more pissed off at this particular moment in time than I currently am. I knew that there wasn't enough support for the anti-gay marriage amendment, but I always know there's a chance that we'll fuck something up. Still, I find myself waiting to see how Republicans turn this into a victory. And by "victory" I mean an actual victory, not just a moral one. Those Republicans are tricky motherfuckers. Although I've probably said everything I'm about to say ten times already in past posts, I'm going to do it (at least) one more time.

Before I get off on yet another rant here, a big thanks to Senator Wayne Allard, lead sponsor on the amendment. Thanks for helping solidify Colorado's status as one of the most ignorant fucking states in the union.

I'm going to once again re-new my statement that this is fucking embarrassing. Embarrassing that we find ourselves going through this, something which is an exercise in gay bashing -- nothing more and nothing less. I have not heard one argument backed up by anything more than mistaken belief which helps support the claims that gay marriage will destroy the institution of marriage or leave children on the streets. You homophobic pricks aren't really worried about marriage or children, are you? Are you that fucking stupid? Well, okay, you are. We already know that. Still, I think the true heart of the matter is that you're worried about homosexuals being on equal footing with you. Allowing gays to marry would be a public acknowledgement of a fact that many of us are already aware of: that gays are just normal people. It would hurt your tiny brain so much to admit that fact, wouldn't it?

Of course, even if gay marriage were finally allowed, that doesn't mean that people will embrace it or gays in general. That's fine; ignorance is a proud American tradition, something we all have a right to. Just so long as we're past this stupid childish bullshit where we're trying to write discrimination back into the constitution.

Making sure that homosexuals maintain a lower standing in our society is what this is all about. That's all this is; just modern day segregation. Dress it up however you want to, but it's all about heterosexuals getting to drink from the fountain of marriage, and homosexuals maybe getting to drink from the fountain of civil union.

Through this mess, the word "activist" has become just as dirty as "liberal," and I'm fucking sick and tired of both. Because you see, "activist" implies that someone is taking action, a concept wholly unfamiliar to our government unless if the money or power of those in charge is somehow threatened. If not for some activists in the past, we'd still be living in times where women couldn't vote and "nigger" would still be an acceptable term for whites to use.

Yes, it is just a handful of un-elected judges who are driving some (but not all) of this. But for fuck's sake, when no one else is doing anything to advance equal rights, someone has to step up to the goddamn plate.

It's time to grow up, America: they're here, they're queer, and there's no logical reason for it to be such a big deal to you, anyway. Take your "sanctity of marriage" argument, take your children, and, oh yes, take your Jesus, and shove them all up your ass from whence they came. You can put things in your (or someone else's) ass since sodomy -- consentual sodomy, of course -- is legal, after all.

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