Monday, August 30, 2004

We're in business

So I roll out of bed late like always last Friday, and I flip on the radio to listen to JFR. Instead of finding Rome's show, however, all I hear is a bunch of commercials making fun of Bush. And I'm, like, "This is awfully partisan for The Zone." Then I hear an ad that they're switching shit up on Monday, and at that point I figured it meant that Air America Radio was finally getting a major affiliate out here.

Sure enough, I turn it to 760 this morning, and it's no longer The Zone but Boulder's Progressive Talk. They are, of course, carrying Air America programming, so let's get it on.

The only thing that was going to piss me off was, where the fuck am I going to listen to Rome now? I figured that wouldn't be a big issue since Denver was one of his very first affiliates. Sure enough, he's back on 950 now, so it's all good.

Well, almost. Naturally, the one show I really want to listen to on Air America -- Al Franken -- is on at the exact same time as Rome. So now what the fuck do I do? I want my stupid liberal bullshit, but I also need my stupid sports bullshit (even though I really an not all that into sports these days; I just like listening to JFR since he's an asshole and often strays into non-sports territory). Fuck. Might have to work out some kind of schedule, or get into the habit of listening to one or the other replayed online. But at least I've got some options.

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