Saturday, February 05, 2005

After many more months of neglect, the sailor schoolgirl site has been updated. Only one gallery with unfortunately too few sailor uniform shots (all I've got of her), but it's still a sizable gallery.

I just realized that that site, in its present form (i.e. the Angelfire site, as opposed to the failed 'blog form), is nearly a year old. I'm pretty sure I have way more to be proud of with that site than with Fe. Somehow, a site focused on cute Japanese girls in school uniforms and other assorted outfits is more popular than a foul-mouthed 'blog that has really just become a place for me to talk about my car. Over at Serafuku, I'm past 100,000 total hits and now averaging around 1,000 hits per day. That's right, one gurr.

I had been getting decent traffic -- in the neighborhood of several hundred hits a day -- for awhile thanks to some permanent (as far as the 'net is concerned) links from other sites, most of them Japanese. That led to me getting most of my hits from Japan, which meant that my site had mad street cred. Adding the models' names and a handful of words in chickenscratch Japanese didn't hurt matters, I would imagine. That site recently started showing up in Google image searches, and that's led to traffic more than doubling. I went and did a couple of sample searches, and apparently, I'm a leading authority on a lot of the girls I've got on the site. It's nice to finally be useful for something.

I don't know how the site will hold up in terms of bandwidth limits now that things have jumped, but we'll see. So much of my traffic was going through one decently big gallery for awhile there (this one, which is, in fact, a quality gallery), so maybe if traffic due to Google image search is spread out decently among the various sub-sites it'll all stay running. Of course, even if it does tank, I can still masturbate to the pictures if I want to since I've got them all on my computer or CD, and I'm really all I care about. Still, that does nothing for my ego, which in terms of the sailor site is probably bigger than my cock at this point (not like it would take much for that to happen).

One thing that's funny to see is the traffic patterns there as the day progresses. Early in the morning, I will oftentimes see virtually all traffic coming from Japan. As the day goes on, it tends to shift a bit, with Japan still holding a commanding lead but the Americas getting in on more of the action. Sometimes I'll even see this in the hourly stats, as I'll get a bi-modal distribution. One peak is for when men in Japan are up and masturbating, and the other is for when men here in North America are up masturbating (and, sure, probably a few women, but we know it's mostly guys). Not really relevant, but I find it pretty funny.

The other reason I take pride in that site is because pretty much everyone who shows up there, whether it be via Google or someone who's linked me, finds what they're looking for. At least when pedophiles click the link for Serafuku, they have a little something to show for it when they leave. And if someone else has linked me, the people who follow the link don't wind up wondering why in the hell someone would actually link such a piss-poor 'blog. Conversely, though, that's part of the beauty of Fe -- many are undoubtedly pissed just by virtue of what they find (or fail to find) there, and in its own regard, that's something special.

Man, if only that wasn't all stuff out of magazines and whatnot so I could make some money off it. I need to at least mix in some ads or something to see if that generates anything. And you know, if I got my shit together, I could start my own site that's totally legit. I'd pretty much just have to start paying Asian girls to dress up for me, which, shit, if I could afford it, I'd do anyway, so may as well get some cash flow going from it.

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