Wednesday, February 16, 2005

So some extreme skiier was out making an extreme skiing film, and now he's experiencing extreme death. There's just no way that I can't chuckle when I see things like this. The whole notion of any of these ridiculous "extreme" sports coupled with someone losing their life over it is pretty funny to me. I also have trouble garnering any sympathy for anyone who dies doing something that they know up front could easily get them killed.

"The draw is (that) I like to get scared," Stall once told an interviewer. "It's about taking the sport to a new level -- about skiing where people wouldn't have thought possible 10 years ago."

Or how about places people wouldn't have cared about skiing ten years ago? Well, I hope it was worth it, just so you could "get scared."

I really have no qualms with laughing at these people since they're dead anyway and it's not like they're going to feel bad or something. I suppose it's pretty insensitive in light of the fact that there are always people left behind who are suffering when someone like this eats it. In the end, it's not their fault that so-and-so was a complete fucktard. I suppose you could argue that it's their fault for continuing to hang out with the fucktard, though. Okay, time to quit while I'm ahead.

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