Saturday, February 26, 2005

Why would Arnold regret taking steroids? I hate when people bring up non-issues like this, and I expect better from hard-hitting George Snuffleupagus. "Man, it really sucked taking those steroids which allowed me to get big and famous and eventually be put in charge of the fourth largest economy in the world. I wish I hadn't done it." Well, of course, he wouldn't say it quite like that, but I'll dispense with the Arnold speak (Kah-LEE-four-nya) since I'm too lazy. Plus it is kind of shitty to make fun of someone just for how they talk. Almost as shitty as making fun of someone over their name. If foreigners would just learn to speak properly it'd save us the trouble of having to be jerks about it, though.

While we're on the subject, fuck Elmo. Give Bert and Ernie two turn tables and a microphone, because they are where it's at. And for the last fucking time, they're not gay, they're puppets. ETP can dispense with the comments about his stance on Grover's bad-assedness because I already know where that's going.

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