Thursday, June 23, 2005

Okay, we can give the kid credit for surviving four days alone in the wilderness. But that's about it. I mean, get this shit:

"We've also told him don't talk to strangers. ... When an ATV or horse came by, he got off the trail. ... When they left, he got back on the trail."

Sooooo... He avoided being rescued. Yeah, that seems pretty smart. Sure, I can understand, I guess, but still. He would have been found earlier if he hadn't been trying to evade rescuers. But that's ok; his parents are "amazed" by their little boy. Especially the father:

"You know, his ability to deal with this initially, I made the comment that I thought that he was the most ill-prepared out of our five children to deal with it..."


"He doesn't have any disabilities; he's just immature."

Yeah, way to build the kid's confidence, dipshit. Because I'm sure he doesn't say anything like this -- or worse -- as part of the normal family routine. Of course, I really don't expect much from anyone actually named "Toby." Is Dad gonna write a country song about the whole ordeal?

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