Saturday, August 13, 2005

Another thing that needs to be stopped? Crocs and any "shoes" in that style. I don't care how bloody comfortable they might be, it is time you allow yourself a little bit of discomfort so that I have something nice to look at. It being summertime, there are plenty of girls running around in shorts and skirts and whatnot. Once I see this, the leg man in me is already happy (well, assuming what's being supported by said legs is nice). And then the foot fetishist in me gets very excited knowing that there might be some kind of open-toed footwear action going on further down below. But far too many times have I thought this might be the case, only to look down and find a pair of those awul, awful things on her feet. It's really frustrating. Girls: shoes are supposed to be your thing. How can you allow this to happen? If you can't put on something nice, just go barefoot. It's uncivilized, but hey... I won't complain.

Well, unless if you're in the car. For some reason, I hate anyone having bare feet up on the dash or hanging out the window, even if it's a girl with nice feet. Show some fucking respect, put your goddamn shoes on, and keep them on the floor where they belong. Just one of those weird things about me.

Oh, and for men who wear these stupid fucking things, well, they just look fucking dumb. My sense of style is offended, but my sense of humor is not. So I could go either way on that front. Plus, a lot of guys out there are lucky to be able to get dressed as it is, and I don't have any emotional investment in male footwear besides my own. But you ladies need to knock it the fuck off with those rubber shitshoes.

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