Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's pretty laughable for the Catholic Church to be complaining about corruption. I mean, not that it isn't, you know, fucking rampant in Mexico, but coming from a bunch of child molesters it really doesn't mean as much as it could.

Pope Benedict XVI last week described the danger posed to Mexican society by drug trafficking and corruption.

Pot, kettle, black, blah blah. Also, Benedict, keep in mind that the Conclave partly chose you because odds are you're going to die relatively soon. Not relevant to this discussion, but I needed to throw that out there.

Mexican Attorney General Daniel Cabeza de Vaca...

Cabeza de Vaca? Head of cow? That has to be the best name ever. Or not, depending on your perspective. Considering that he's the "attorney general," I think that tells you a lot about the state of affairs in Mexico right there. The Church is still a bunch of fuck-off kiddie rapers, though.

Oh, and hey, now that I think about it, the Catholic Church has a wee bit of a following down in Mexico. So it's nice to see that the Church has been doing soooo much to help matters, and I doubt they share in the blame for how things are down there.

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