Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ahhhh hell, Chewbacca... Go fix the damn Hyper Drive or uggggh, Jesus.

That doesn't really work in print, but oh well.

Google search:

was silvia saint in cast of king kong

Not according to IMDB, she wasn't. But if she had been, then those jokes about gettin' it on with the gorilla wouldn't have been jokes. And really, that would have made it such a better movie. Well, different.

At least you could leave once that happened, no matter how much film was left, because at that point you will have seen everything that life has to offer. "Okay, I've seen a famous porn actress take it up the ass from a giant gorilla in a major Hollywood motion picture. I'm out."

And, oh yes, it'd be backdoor action for Miss Sylvia. She's the only one out there who could -- and would -- comfortably go back door with Kong.

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