Saturday, February 04, 2006

Originality -- we've heard of it.

Okay everyone, this is it: I have finally arrived. Some shithead out there has taken the liberty of ripping something off from me without giving due credit. The nerve of some people, ripping off things from a 'blog that liberally rips off multiple stand-up comics! Nah, fuck that -- as ETP pointed out once, I warn you up front about the Carlin references. I can't help it if not everyone is as well-schooled as me or him to catch everything.

Seriously, though, go give this kid Keith some shit. I realize there are about two people out there who care enough to do this, and I'm including myself, but what the fuck. I have no idea if there's some kind of joke or deeper meaning in there, and I don't really care. I've been violated. And the only person who should be violating me is me, and that's most likely what I'm going to do after finishing this post.

Big ups to new linker devx-sama for pointing out this transgression. He also links me as a "genius," and whether that's out of some kind of irony or sarcasm is irrelevant to this discussion.

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