Friday, December 22, 2006

Cheerleaders are just dancers who have gone retarded

And now for your viewing enjoyment I present a slideshow* of a high-school cheerleader getting hit on the head with a basketball. Unfortunately, no, you can't discern if any of them are hot, but you do get the added surrealness of seeing it happen in slow-mo as you click through the slides.

Since I brought it up in the title, if you haven't seen Bring it on and you've got nothing better to do, go for it. It's not what one would call stellar filmmaking, but it's better than you might expect.

EDIT: I am an unobservant retard and did not see the link to a video just below the sideshow. Of course I can't watch the video anyway since I insist on using an OS where shit doesn't work, but apparently there is some amusement value in that associated video.

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