Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Alright, so I just gave up on the sailor schoolgirl site. I finally got tired of randomly discovering that Angelfire had nuked not one but two of the indexes, so fuck it. I'm not gonna get un-lazy anytime soon and create two new accounts and re-upload everything. I haven't totally given up on the concept because that's a site that just needs to be out there, but I really need to hook myself up with some real webhosting if I'm gonna keep going at that. And since I've talked of getting going with real webhosting for, I dunno, 3+ years, I'm sure it will happen soon.

It was a good run. For awhile there I was averaging tens of thousands of hits a month, and then there was the day I got 127,000 hits from fuck knows where. It's been well over a year, though, since I was getting good traffic like that, so keeping it up wasn't very motivating anyway. And like I've said, I do feel like I'm providing a necessary service, but in the end I'm not all that interested in helping other guys get off. Although I guess you wouldn't know it considering my chat room time which is, of course, talking to nothing but a bunch of guys pretending to be girls. Man, I am so good at life it's not even funny. Why are we walking like this? Fuck, time to see if I can get a couple more hours of sleep before work, because this is really starting to get away from me.

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