Saturday, November 17, 2007

Meanwhile, there's some fascist shit going on in Pakistan that's not getting a whole lot of run over here. No big deal; it's not like they have nukes or anything. I know, I know, they're an important ally in The War Against Terror (TWAT).

Diplomats said John Negroponte had delivered a very strong message for an end to Pakistan's state of emergency.

Yeah, when you're dealing with a dooshebag like Pervez Musharraf, send in another huge d-bag.

He demanded an explanation for his portrayal in the Western media in recent months.

"Did I go mad? Or suddenly, my personality changed? Am I Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?" he asked.

In recent months? This guy apparently pays as much attention to the news as Bush does.

"Have I done anything constitutionally illegal? Yes, I did it on 3 November," he said, referring to his imposition of emergency rule. "But did I do it before? Not once."

And he has a level of arrogance that would make Cheney proud.

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