Monday, December 17, 2007

I find myself in all sorts of odd places politically. In some ways I'm becoming more conservative. I'm down with moderate Republicans and even though I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet I'm still planning on becoming a gun owner. Fear not though, because in other ways I'm becoming more liberal. One such issue is the death penalty. I'm down with Jersey's decision to abolish the death penalty.

"Society must ask," he continued, "is it not morally superior to imprison 100 people for life than it is to execute all 100 when it's probable we execute an innocent?"

And that's pretty much the crux of it. As much as I am for killing assholes, the fact is that some innocent are going to slip through the cracks and that just completely goes against the ideals that we at least think this country was founded upon. As the saying goes (and as echoed by Corzine; hope he's wearing his fucking seat belt now), it's better to let a hundred guilty men go free than to wrongfully imprison one innocent. The notion of executing even one single innocent person is just completely wrong and I can't rationalize that one away in any sort of "justice" system. Plus at least imprisonment can be reversed.

The bill was introduced in November after a state commission concluded capital punishment was an ineffective deterrent to crime.

See I never really cared about it being a deterrent, and I also didn't need a study to tell me that the death penalty wasn't one. I was just all for getting rid of people we don't need, and of course, that Biblical need for revenge. Pretty much if it's that kind of shit coming from those corners of my mind it's probably bad.

I think of people like Jesse Timmendequas, and I'm like, yeah, just kill that guy. But as I've said before, being a child killer and/or child molester in prison has got to be way worse than death. No one wants to die, but not one wants to be that guy on the fucking prison totem pole, so life in prison is more satisfying of a punishment in the end for some of the more heinous crimes. But I guess in a way we're back to that whole revenge thing since I think that's a harsher punishment, aren't we? So is the death penalty good again? Shit.

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