Sunday, February 03, 2008

So it's old news (like three whole days or something) and I don't even have a link but I was kinda disappointed to see Rudy drop puss out of the race so quickly after his poor Florida showing. Not that I did another about-face on Rudy -- the guy still sucked, sandwich or not. When your whole platform is "9/11!" you're not a good candidate; you're George W. Bush.

I wanted Rudy to be at least competitive, though, just to prove that the early states, like Iowa and New Hampshire, really don't matter. I am so fucking sick and tired of fucking Iowa and New Hampshire having a fucking disproportionate amount of say in this fucking process. I know, I know, letting marginal states like that do their thing early makes the candidates care about those states and pay attention to them. So that, you know, once they get elected they can go back to ignoring those states like they would have preferred to be doing all along.

Of course this saga with Rudy just helps to show the opposite of what I was hoping for, and that those early contests do matter even if the states and every single person who lives in them don't. Although momentum might not be everything, it certainly doesn't hurt. If nothing else I think it just comes down to a matter of exposure. You've heard nothing but shit about most of the candidates for the past several weeks, but Giuliani has been all but invisible. In the course of a few short weeks he went from being America's Mayor to Rudy Who?liani (sorry, best I could come up with).

While we're talking candidates, maybe I should get on board with McCain, if for no other reason some of the d-bags who are against him. Sorry for linking something with Ann Coulter's picture in it; seeing her makes my dick go and hide in my spleen, too.

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