Sunday, February 03, 2008

While we're anointing, what kind of scientists would publish a study saying that both exercise and booze are good for you? Only the MOST AWESOME FUCKING SCIENTISTS EVER!

Well OK so pretty awesome at least:

Before you rush off to hit the bar after your workout, keep in mind that your age matters. Alcohol may do you no coronary good until you reach the age at which heart disease becomes an appreciable risk. "You wouldn't advise everyone to drink," says Gronbaek. "You shouldn't even think about doing it until age 45 or 50. There's absolutely no proof of a preventative and protective effect before age 45."

Might want a second opinion on that part.

If they're right about this, though, it turns out that Servo was right.

"Packed with minerals booze really satisfies."
- Tom Servo

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