Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How hilarious is it that Bush is for, like, seven years completely non-committal about how shitty the economy is and all of a sudden "our entire economy is in danger"?

"I'm a strong believer in free enterprise, so my natural instinct is to oppose government intervention," he said. But "these are not normal circumstances. The market is not functioning properly. There has been a widespread loss of confidence.

I know this will be lost on Bush, but there's a difference between the market not working and the market not working like we want it to. Somewhere, Adam Smith is crying.

Although you know, I'm not even sure if I'm against this whole bailout thing or not. Of course, I'm ill-informed and very unmotivated to really dig deep into all this shit that a bunch of assholes brought upon us and we pretty much can't do jack about. But I mean, you hear names like Lehman Brothers going under, and it's like, fuck. This can't be good. With things such a mess there's definitely gonna be widespread effects.

But you know, is the government getting involved really the smartest idea? Or is propping up the fuck-ups really a bright move? Again, there's that whole "market" thing we were just talking about. I like how The Onion put it several months ago when the Fed started bailing out banks:

"Giving money to institutions that failed at their only job, which was to have money, may not be the best strategy."

Then there's the fact that with the latest bailout package, Team Bush is pushing hard for it. You know they're big on it if they're willing to risk putting Bush out there in front of the cameras. Oh, and I doubt I even need to do any research to discover that they are less than objective in their decision-making, and they have other interest's besides the country's at heart.

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