Saturday, December 13, 2008

If you haven't seen this, prepare for one of the most amazing and most creepy things you have ever seen. Vid here.

Interesting that a guy who, I think, is Vietnamese decides to make his 'bot Japanese. I mean, that's probably what I'd do, but that's just 'cause I'd wanna dress her up in a sailor schoolgirl uniform and that's creepy and if it's something I'd do then no one else should be doing it. Anyway.

The best part? I read a third article on this dude, which I do not have the link on hand for, where it said that he lives with his parents. Was there ever more of a lock than for this guy to still be living at home, working on his paraplegic android in their basement? Do you think they are more or less ashamed than other parents who have a 33-year-old son living at home when they hear strange noises coming from downstairs and they know it's because he's building a fucking artificial woman? For fucking?

He had planned to make an android to care for the elderly.

C'mon now. If by "the elderly" you mean "your dick" then yeah.

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