Tuesday, September 16, 2003

So for as much as Enterprise pisses me off, I have gotten tons of hits from people looking for shit related to the show. Well, "tons" by the standards of this site. People seem to have this huge hardon for the new enemy, the Xindi. People want transcripts, pictures, pics, downloads, etc. I guess I should make mention of T'Pol, her sexy new outfits, her catsuits, pictures thereof, or pics if you prefer. Jolene Blalock downloads, Hoshi Sato, MACO. Enterprise Captain Archer sex and action. Ummm, what the fuck else can I come up with to generate hits?

I think Enterprise may be the biggest hit generator in terms of search engines. It's up there with shit about masturbation and perverted military stuff. I guess Homer Simpson was right; all the Internet gave us was the ability to find out what some dork knows about Star Trek.

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