Friday, October 24, 2003

A recent study has once again brought to the forefront the issue of biology and homosexuality. This is another debate that I'm fucking tired of. Why the hell would anyone "choose" one kind of sexual orientation over the other? And, given the choice, why choose the one that is going to lead to a ton of discrimination from a bunch of knuckle draggers?

I don't even need biology studies to explain it; it's just common sense. Think about it: can you explain to me, in a clear and concise manner, as to why you're attracted to certain people as opposed to others, or why you're turned on by certain things but not others? The best answer you'll ever get out of questions like those is "I dunno, I just am."

Typically, when we make a choice, there is some sort of thought process involved, and we have some reasons as to why we arrived at our desired choice. Since we can't really explain why some things appeal to us and others do not, I'm pretty sure that shows that no "choosing" was involved. Otherwise, we'd have some trail of evidence explaining why we have one sexual preference as opposed to another.

Of course, the majority of this debate comes from, once again, our religious buddies. It's not so easy to condemn homosexuals if they have no control over their sexual orientation. In fact, if sexual orientation is indeed just hard-wired into our minds, it's pretty damning to their damnation. You see, if it's not a personal choice, then God must be responsible for them being a homosexual. That's unacceptable because God wouldn't create any of those dirty faggots.

However, if they choose to be gay, then they are defying God and gays can be maligned and murdered. Thus, people can rationalize their ignorant thoughts and behaviors while still being "Christ-like."

Sure, some homosexual behavior is pure choice - either just experimentation, confusion, whatever. But homosexuality itself is NOT a choice.

I'll come right out and say it: if you think homosexuality is a "choice," you're a fucking idiot.

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