Friday, October 24, 2003

There are some people who get here via Google searches, and I just can't imagine what the hell they're looking for, nonetheless why they thought they'd find it here:

under the clothes of andriod 18
Beer Sandwich by the fuck fucks

Is there a band called the "Fuck Fucks" or something? And who the hell is andriod 18? Furthermore, what exactly in the fuck is an "andriod"? Have we moved beyond androids already? Either way, I presume #18 is hotter than andriods one through seventeen. The question is, is andriod 18 fully functional and programmed in multiple techniques?

Oh, ok, a quick search for android 18 yields results about some DragonBall Z character, which means I've immediately lost interest. Apparently, andriod 17 is her twin sister, but they don't look so hot. No fantasy about twins is any fun if the twins aren't hot (like that horribly unattractive pair famous for those obnoxious Coors commercials, but that's a whole 'nother rant in and of itself).

Anyway, dude, if you want to see underneath some anime character's clothes that badly, just learn to fucking draw.

Then there are those who I can tell what they're searching for, but I can't imagine why they think that their search terms are going to yield decent results:

information about dumb fucking broads that do anything for money
tons of pictures of women in really tight cop outfits

Haven't people learned to use Google effectively by now? Well, apparently not, if they're ending up here. Still, they should know by now that you can't talk to Google like you would talk to another human being.

Get a clue, people. Otherwise, you're going to end up reading my shit, and no one wants that.

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