Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Man, how would you like the job of being Saddam's defense attorney? I mean, not only are you defending a fucking dictator, but the outcome of the trial has pretty much all but been determined. The only questions now are when does shit go down, and how does Saddam get punished. Jack McCoy could let some flunky low-level ADA prosecute this motherfucker with no worries. Maybe Saddam should just hire a Cardassian defense attorney - they're used to this pre-determined outcome shit.

Or better yet, wouldn't you just love it if Saddam hired Johnny Cochran? Yeah, me neither.

I love how the U.S. will go to the U.N. when we want resolutions against Iraq, but we unequivocally shut them out of the trial.

At the same time, fuck Kofi Annan, that fucking dumbass. Get off your high horse with this "no death penalty" bullshit. Despite being all super liberal or whatever, I'm a big fan of the death penalty. I mean, why not? Is the world gonna be any better off by keeping Saddam alive? Sure, it's not going to be any better if he's executed, but fuck it. That's what I say. Just dispose of him and be done with it.

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