Friday, December 19, 2003

Okay, so when listening to JFR, I keep hearing ads for Sky Fighters of Denver. It's this company that lets you get into a fighter plane and play out a simulated dogfight.

Well, I'm not sure just how "fighter" these fighter jets are, but they're like T-34 jets. I'm no expert on military hardware, but my guess is that the T-34 isn't top of the line. Also, the ads claim that you do "90% of the flying." Clearly, it's not the important 90% that you are allowed to handle. Things are further cemented when they say that "no prior flight experience is necessary!" Yeah, if you have no prior experience, then you aren't doing anything useful in that cockpit.

Yeah, this might be a cool thing to do, or it might just be another excuse for guys to feel more manly than they really are.

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