Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Someone got here doing a search for the following:

the dirty part of love hina never publish and uncensored

Okay, so there's a decent chance that this guy is just looking for some LH hentai doujinshi or something. That, or he's just confused, because "the dirty part" really isn't very specific. I mean, the whole LH series is fairly dirty. Sure, it's not Onegai Twins dirty, but the LH manga is the only place so far where I've seen a line like "Get your face out of my ass!"

If this is something legit, however, I NEED to know what the fuck it is and where I can find it. No pathetic LH fanboy such as myself could ever go on living not having seen some material that's out there. Well, with the exception of the last OVA, which I own but is still shrinkwrapped because I don't want to see the end of the series and have it be over.

Yes, I know I have problems.

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