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Friday, December 12, 2003

Was this really necessary?

I can understand the need to cover your ass, but c'mon. Regardless of how people may view Microsoft, I sincerely doubt anyone is going to accuse them of being Nazis. And I mean bona-fide goose-stepping, gas chamber NSDAP Nazis.

Also, I fully understand what the swastika represents when it comes to the Nazis. I also understand that there are other uses of the symbol (as pointed out in that article), and chances are that's why the symbol was present in that font.

Do people really need to be patching their systems to remove the character? I mean, really. It's not like someone is going to show up, bust out "charmap" and say "Hey! You have a FONT that you DIDN'T CREATE that has a swastika. You must be a NAZI."

I can understand finding the symbol offensive and all, but does removing it from your computer change anything? It's not like it gets rid of swastikas elsewhere, nor gets rid of the ignorance that is associated with Nazism.
In writing that last post, I realized that there's a really fucked up undercurrent to this whole reconstruction contracts debate.

One thing people keep saying is that countries like Germany and France aren't sacrificing lives for the war, so they shouldn't be allowed to make money off of the war. Let me repeat that: you have to give lives to get money.

That's the price of admission here. If you're willing to give up HUMAN BEINGS, you can get some cash. Look, I know where our priorities are, and how important money is, but still. It's just fucked up to see that equality so blatantly laid out.
A big debate brewing is over France and Germany being shut out of lucrative contracts in Iraq. I understand, and in a lot of ways, agree, with the logic that since they did not contribute to the war effort, they shouldn't be able to share in the spoils of war. They had plenty of good reasons for not wanting to be involved with the war, but the fact of the matter is that they wanted nothing to do with the war until they stood to profit from it.

It's a little hypocritical to get pissed at the Germans and French just because they're looking to turn a profit from this war, though. After all, that's a good deal of the reason as to why we fucking got involved with this.

Still, the question remains, what right do they have to be involved in reconstruction? Well, the answer is that they have no right. But that's not necessarily a reason to shut them out, because bringing them in could have some positive side effects.

As Krugman pointed out, allowing nations like France to compete for contracts would go a long way towards reconciliation with our allies. Of course, the question remains as to whether or not we really want to reconcile with "old Europe." Well, that's what we've said we want to do, so why not actually start making good on that? Yeah, because there's a good chance that we don't want to.

I'm sure lots of people could give less than a shit about our allies and the rest of the world. We have this "We're America, we're better than everyone else, we don't need them, so fuck 'em" mentality. Yeah, maybe we can get by with this hybrid interventionalist/isolationist policy where we stand alone but we're fucking with EVERYBODY, but there's a big fucking world out there. Yeah, we've got the money, and the power, but there are only, what, 300 million of us? And 6 billion other people out there?

We'd do good to quit being the spoiled little playground brat who wants everyone's toys but refuses to share once we've got them. I'm not implying that any powerful nation is going to be declaring war on us anytime soon, but that doesn't mean that people won't be trying to fuck with us, whether it's through terrorism, economics, or whatever.

I mean, what's currently defining our nation, TWAT (the war against terror), is a byproduct of our foreign policy. I'm not saying "we had it coming" with things like September 11th (although I am tempted), but to deny that our actions around the globe had anything to do with what we're up against is just ignorant. And when I talk of global action and foreign policy, this isn't just Bush I'm talking about - I'm talking about all the stuff we've been up to in the past in addition to the present.

On the Bush front, though, his team's foreign policy is a huge gamble. Yeah, maybe the rest of the world will be scared shitless of America and they'll play ball with us. In lots of cases, we might be able to get away with this. Might. Some may rebel immediately, but with others a hatred of America will grow and fester until someday it will explode (quite literally) in our faces. And if you don't think that will happen, well, it already is happening.

The other reason why I'm for patching things up with others is just because it's the right thing to do. How exactly can we expect to get away with saying we're so moral and upright when we're in reality huge cocksuckers?

A lot of what's going on is just stupid American pride. It's not just "you're not giving lives for the war, so you shouldn't make money off it," it's "you disagreed with us, so now we're going to punish you." I think it's time for America to quit talking a good game about being so righteous and actually be the bigger person by acting in a manner befitting that attitude.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Here's my standard disclaimer for any newbies. A not really "at work" friendly link is up ahead. This will probably ass rape my image hosting bandwidth, but oh well. Also, don't ask what the deal is with all the ass references today. Maybe it means something, but it probably doesn't.

Anyway for those interested in such things, there are a couple of updates over at I am a sick fu Serafuku.
Here's a spam I keep getting:

Your opinions are worth money

Yeah, if that were the case, assholes, I would be fucking LOADED.
Can Katie Holmes just come and have sex with me instead? I think that would make most everyone, save Ms. Holmes, a lot happier than another fucking Batman movie that will probably fuck ass.

No? Yeah, I didn't think so.
Here's a great tip from November 25th of this year's George Carlin calendar that I wanted to share:

Why is it that, when making a reference to something in the past, people often think they have to say, "I hope I'm not dating myself"? Listen, if you're so embarrassed by your age there's a simple solution: open a vein.
Something to keep an eye out for.

If this is true, here's to hoping there are no brown bracelets. Nah, fuck it, if that's what you're in to, more power to 'ya.

"What the heck is a rim job?!?!"
"Oh, that's when you put your head behind your legs and have someone lick your ass!"
- Kyle and Cartman's mothers, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
Nader, fucking knock it off.

Despite my liberal leanings, I am not a Democrat. I would love to see a third-party candidate get elected president. Now is not the time for that debate, however.

Priority one is defeating Bush. Everything else is secondary in this next election. Nader, this is not the time to be playing on principle. We need to be practical. You are not going to win.

I didn't particularly care for the Democratic tactic of "a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush" back in 2000. While that may have been true in some sense, Nader is correct in saying that Gore beat himself. Gore, having been part of the popular Clinton administration (popular being relative to the times, of course), should have run away with that election, but he fucked up. Big time.

This isn't the time for that debate, either. The 2000 election is in the past. We have too much at stake right now, and this country is too sharply divided. Any votes for a third-party candidate very likely could determine the outcome of the election. Anybody who wants Bush out of there has to see this, and know that potentially taking anything away from the Democratic ticket could be disastrous.

I really fucking hate that I'm in the position where I'm saying shit like this. Like I said, I think a third-party President would be an interesting thing. I hate Bush so fucking much, and want to see him and the rest if his cocksucking crew gone so badly, that I just can't cut us the slack for luxuries like trying for something "interesting" in this next election.
There's one thing I always see on Slashdot that always fucking pisses me off. Now, as we all know, there are different senses of the word "free." A commonly used maxim is that there's "free, as in beer, and free, as in speech." The thing that irritates me is that Slashfuckers ALWAYS feel the need to be clever and qualify the word "free" with "as in beer" or "as in speech." There's no need for it most of the time, because we can figure out that when someone says "a free PC," or whatever, we know what fucking kind of "free" they mean.

This is something these Slashholes do just so that they can sound smart and clever. Well, you nerdy little fuck, you're not smart, and you're not clever. The rest of us know exactly what you mean, so drop the qualifier and shut the fuck up already.
A few people brought up Hillary Clinton in comments on my rant about that cunt Laura Bush. I was just gonna respond with a comment of my own, but decided to bust out a full-on post instead.

Being the bleeding ass liberal that I am, I'm sure it won't come as a surprise to many that I'm a Hillary fan. I just like the Clintons in general because, no matter what you think about them, you've gotta give them credit for being fucking smart. Yeah, smart in an evil sort of way, which they put to use for their own personal gain. Sure, they might kill a person or two to get what they want, but I don't really see them starting a poorly justified war over it. So they're not evil in a Cheney, Wolfowitz, or Asscroft kind of way.

One commenter, who Identified himself only as "George" (who spoke with such eloquence that I thought he might be G. Dubya himself), brought up the whole Lewinsky affair, saying that Hillary just "took it quietly." The Lewinsky affair shows just how clever Hillary is. She had her husband cheat on her and humiliate her, and somehow she STILL managed to come out looking even better, partly by brushing the affair aside by saying things like "He's a hard dog to keep on the porch."

That's not just clever. That's fucking shrewd.

As if it needs to be said, that whole Lewinsky affair was fucking overblown (no pun intended... no, really, that just came naturally... and again, no pun intended... anyway...). Was Bill an asshole for cheating on his wife? Yeah. There's really no denying that. But did that make him unfit to be President? Well, no. It's not like other presidents haven't done a ton of the same shit. That was a witch hunt, plain and simple, with a bit of American prudishness thrown in for good measure.

The only thing that really pissed me off about the whole affair is that Clinton actually let himself get caught. The guy's smarter than that.

Also, to get all up in arms about marital infidelity with the Clintons is really just taking a sub-kindergarten view of things. I have no idea what Bill and Hillary's relationship is like, but it seems like they definitely have some sort of special arrangement going on. My guess is that in the end, as long as they both have power, influence, and money, they're fine with whatever goes down.

The only one I really feel sorry for is Chelsea. For all the shit she's had to endure, the whole Lewinsky affair just made it worse. She's going to have to deal with that shit for the rest of her life. But she's gonna be making six figures if not more for the rest of that life, so fuck it. Sympathy off.

Yeah, Hillary has got some balls. Probably literally, too. But that's fine by me; I wouldn't mind a tough man/woman as president. And make no mistake, once Hillary figures out that she can win, she will be president. I know that's gonna have lots of people turning in their graves, even people who aren't dead yet, but I'm looking forward to it. If nothing else, it will be entertaining.
So, yeah, busy effing week. Things are sorta calming down with work, but that won't be the last of things. My guess is that work will be fairly bursty - sometimes I'll have tons and tons of shit to do, others I'll have nothing to do. Consistently inconsistent, to be specific. But who knows how it'll go; we'll see.

Naturally, there are a few things I've been meaning to comment on, and I'm sure I can go dig up some other shit to get pissed about. So, for those of you who read this 'blog in the order I post shit, here we go. And for those who read in reverse order, there we just went.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

It's midnight in Montana and I can't get my dick out of this cow

I got in to work about 9:45 AM yesterday, which is a decent time for me. I ended up getting out of there around quarter after 12. AM. As in about a half an hour ago. So I wasn't just bullshitting about the fact that I'm going to be doing actual work, because I wasn't helping insulate no one's house today, neither. And I was working, both today and yesterday. What little time I spent fucking around bore out the last couple of posts.

I asked for the real world, and now I've got it.

I wasn't the only one there, either. Three other engineers were there as well, kicking it late night as well. I have a feeling that this will become a theme since, well, my group is nuts, and I knew from the get-go that they were crazy. Which I kinda like, because I've always been a fan of nighttime. Maybe not always nighttime after a 13-hour day, but it's probably gonna be happening fairly often.

But, hey, at least I didn't feel worthless for a day! Don't worry, I won't be getting used to that feeling, either professionally or personally.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Fuck Laura Bush. I wanna throw up every time that woman opens her mouth. Hell, I wanna throw up before she even opens it.

One thing I continually get sick and tired of is high-ranking officials or people like Laura Bush saying shit like "It's really a difficult time, but it's also a very, very challenging time for our country. And Americans are strong." The people aren't at risk to lose any family members or any shit because of the war. They have NO FUCKING CLUE as to how difficult a time this is. The people and families who are being directly effected by this fucking war are the ones who have a good idea as to how difficult this is. Meanwhile, it's easy for Bush or whoever to make pompous, empty statements like this, which are made even more empty when we consider that they're responsible for this fucking mess.

If casualties are so "wrenching," then maybe your husband and his people would have thought twice before getting us involved in wars just for their own personal gain. But they won't, because they could give less than a shit about the lives they're endangering.

Oh, and I loved this statement: "... the president didn't want to jeopardize the lives of anyone to be able to do this." Yeah, he doesn't want to jeapordize anyone's lives to pull off a small political stunt. But he's more than willing to risk the lives of thousands of soldiers for one big political stunt? Fuck you, fuck your husband, and fuck everyone, come to think of it.

Yet another statement that I enjoyed: "... they also blame us for a lot of things that really aren't our fault." Yes, bitch, and they also blame us for a lot of shit that is our fault. I am so sick and tired of people acting like we're never complicit in ANYTHING just because we're the United States. Are we the only asshole country out there who is run by corporate money and ugly politics that runs around the globe fucking with people? Of course not. But that doesn't mean that we aren't often guilty of all this shit, and that we're not the best at it. It's time to fucking own up to that shit, otherwise there's no hope at all for improvement.

While we're on the subject of Bush's Thanksgiving trip, can everyone get off that now? Jesus fucking Christ. Like I said, it was a political stunt, plain and simple. Why is it such a big deal that they kept it a secret? It's the fucking U.S. government. Do you realize how much shit they must keep secret from us? Of course you don't, because it's fucking secret, and they're good at keeping those. Those secrets, the "unknown unknowns" as Rummy would say, concern me way more than one shitty trip designed to boost Bush's numbers.

I will give Bush credit for one thing on that trip, though. The shots of him getting choked up on the podium and talking with the troops is about as honest and natural as I've ever seen that guy act. "Act" may be a key word, and that's probably as good as it will ever get.

Fuck, did I just compliment the guy? Hey, you can't say that Fe isn't fair and balanced. Wait, yes you can.
Wow. A representative of the Bush Administration signing an anti-corruption treaty in Mexico City.

Transparency in political funding? And I wonder how often we'll invoke that "essential interests" clause?

Monday, December 08, 2003

AOL search:

Why Hotties Choose Losers

This person is just confused.

First off, hotties don't choose losers. If they did, then I would be able to count all mah bitches on more than zero hands. I think more of what they were looking for is "why hotties choose assholes," which is a more common query. However, that one is total bullshit as well, because hotties don't necessarily choose assholes. If they did, I'd at least have a statistical chance of being able to use those hands for countin' instead of just for strokin' it.

I guess they didn't really specify what these hotties are choosing those losers for, and there's nothing to say that they aren't equating assholes with losers. I suppose they could have been asking something entirely different, like why hotties choose losers to marginalize, ignore, taunt, and make cry. Or maybe those are just the kind of things I wonder about.
So, I just got a particularly vile spam that I thought I'd share with you:

Pregnant Teen Strips For Food

I mean, that's fucked up, fetishistic, and just plain depressing all in one.

Oh, and great, now I'll be getting hits for pregnant teen porn, too. Super.
Pretty fucking ballsy to be signing legislation that has lots of seniors fucking pissed off while sitting behind a sign that says "Keeping our promise to seniors." Of course, this administration has made a career out of "say one thing, do something different."
Here's to hoping that more people with some money and influence join in the fight against Bush. Might as well fight fire with fire.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

This was a fairly productive weekend. Of course, "productive" for me may not meet the standards of "productive" for others, but oh bloody well.

Friday night was mostly wasted getting my new hard disk partitioned and moving shit around. We were running dangerously low on porn and fansub space, but we should be all good now. Lebensraum is totally where it's at!

Lost my ass in a poker game last night. And by "ass" I'm only talking like $11, but that still fucks ass. So there's one less skin mag I can pick up off eBay this week. But it was good times, even with the childhood molestation. It wasn't quite Vegas fun, but, well, that's Vegas. At least I didn't lose as much as I normally do in Vegas, but let us not speak of that.

Lost some more shit on eBay. Soulless cocksuckers.

Managed to go out and get a haircut today. I fucking hate doing that, since it requires me to interact with not only people, but people who are strangers. At least that's over with for a month or two.

I decided to decorate for Christmas this year, which so far will only consist of the following:

That is, assuming they even ship in time to get here sometime reasonably soon before Christmas.

Oh, and I totally thought about finally ending my years long bullshitting about getting a tree. Maybe I actually will do that this week, but I'm not holding my breath.

Ever since I moved into the new place, I've spent virtually all of my time up in the loft. That's where the porn station computer is, in addition to being my general toy room. I moved one step closer to just completely living up here and not even bothering with the downstairs by purchasing a fulchon futon today.

In addition to the lovely futon, I also made good on another thing I've been bullshitting about: buying a display case to house, amongst other toys, The Girls. I'm sure the Girls would be thrilled, if not for the fact that they (much like Google) are bloody inanimate.

I even managed to do more non-Christmas shopping (i.e. shopping for myself), which only adds to the productivity of this week. Relax, I'll get that fucking Christmas shopping done one of these days, and most of it will actually get done before Christmas.

So, yup, that was my weekend. As if anyone gave a shit.
Every now and then, I get the sense that some people use Google as a place for inappropriate venting:

fuck off hate bitch bitch

Google would feel your pain, man, if it wasn't fucking inanimate.
Surprise, surprise (not really). There's something new up at The Filthy Critic.
Okay, I can't get to any of the links on this page right now because I think it's in the middle of being Slashdotted, but there appears to be some cool Lego shit there.