Sunday, May 02, 2004

Yahoo search:

how to fuck a women explain in details with pics

Oh man, is this guy's girlfriend going to be SO satisfied. Just as soon as she gets up and runs off to some real dick.

One thing that irritates me about a lot of search hits I get is that if the searcher just read the little preview that Google or Yahoo (usually) puts along with the search result, they would know that my site is clearly not what they're looking for. "Explain... women... fuck... details... All the words I'm looking for are interspersed in random lines on this webpage. This must be what I'm looking for!"

Also included in the search results along with Fe is a site encouraging you to "Take a look @ FAT WOMEN FACESITTING!" Holy Christ, I am so turned on right now that I don't think I'll have another erection EVER AGAIN.

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