Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Hey, so you know what else fucks ass? Blogger. NOT A GOD DAMN THING WORKS ANYMORE. It was bad enough when they ditched the effective and useful split-screen a couple of years months (it feels like years, god damn it) ago for the new piece of crap setup (with pretty graphics! fuck pretty graphics that aren't even pretty), but now they're integrating all this worthless WYSIWYG bullshit and it's screwing up posting like mad under Mozilla.

Yes, I know, that's part of the problem - I'm using a browser no one gives a shit about (i.e., not IE). But fuck Blogger all the same - it was just fine before they started with this worthless shitty toolbar that is breaking EVERYTHING. Yeah, Blogger will probably fix all of it, but it's broken NOW and that makes me mad. Plus, the status page says they've fixed some of it, and they HAVEN'T.

Note to everyone: quit being so fucking lazy and learn a couple of bloody HTML tags. Besides, your 'blog is still going to be a piece of shit whether you have different fonts or not. Just like mine and everyone else's.

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